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Kauppakeskus Niitty Parkkipate

Parking at Niitty

There is parking space for 150 vehicles on the second and third floor. Entrance to the parking facility is via Niittypuistonkuja. The maximum height of the vehicle in the garage is 2,2 meters.


Opening hours for parking hall

Mon-Sun 4:30-00:30


Parking fee

  • First two hours are free with parking disk
  • Following hours: €1/h
  • 24 hours: €10
  • Minimun fee: €0,5

Parking tickets must be collected from the ticket machine for chargeable parking.


Method of payment

  • EasyPark: Area number 777
  • ParkMan
  • Coins
  • Credit card

NB! You must enter your licence number in the ticket machine when paying.


Parking enforcement

ParkkiPate Oy
Tel. 020 721 8499 (Mon-Fri 9-16)
Call costs 8,28 ¢/call.
+landline 8,76 ¢/min
+mobile 23,1 ¢/min

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